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The Dandelion Project

There may be times when you require additional health care whilst living at Eldercare.

Our experienced nurses can provide you with specific services at selected Eldercare residential care facilities where you will be cared for by people you know in an environment you’re familiar with.

 Providing you with on-site care can:

  • increase your health and wellbeing outcomes
  • avoid any potential complications resulting from hospital stays   
  • allow us to ensure your rights, choices and preferences are respected

Let us deliver peace of mind by ensuring you only go to hospital when you really need to.

The four elements of The Dandelion Project

Enhanced care planning

We all have bad health days. Planning for these days enables you to receive the care you want; even if you’re unable to express these wishes for yourself.

We will work with you to create or update your:

  • Advance Care Plan
  • Chronic Disease Management Plan (if applicable)

Responding to acute clinical events

Our Clinical Leaders and Registered Nurses have undertaken further clinical training and can access equipment which enables them to perform additional procedures on-site such as management of specialised catheters, intravenous (IV) therapy and bladder scanning.

These procedures are conducted in consultation with your General Practitioner (GP) and can assist in preventing a transfer to hospital.

In addition to the enhanced care that our Clinical Leaders and Registered Nurses can provide, Eldercare’s Nurse Practitioners can also perform additional procedures such as blood transfusions.

Reablement Program

If you have returned from hospital following a health event, Eldercare’s Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and nursing staff will work in partnership with you and your GP to create a personalised Reablement Program to help you regain your confidence and capacity.

Collaborative care

This collaborative approach involving Eldercare nursing staff, Nurse Practitioners and GPs enables us to provide you with the best possible care, at the right time and in the right place.