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Eldercare launches the Sustained Success Program

Sunday, Jun 9, 2013

In 2010 Eldercare embarked on a journey to discover a new vision and set of work values.

This journey, which was the impetus for what is now known as our Sustained Success Program, culminated in last year’s very successful Showcase Conference. The conference provided the opportunity for more than 200 staff from across Eldercare to get together and learn from each other about various site-based continuous improvement projects, and their varying degrees of success or failure – both of which were equally valuable learning experiences.

Late last year a planning group, comprising staff from across the organisation, was formed to evaluate the previous program and explore ways to make it more effective, accessible and successful. This year the Sustained Success program has been revamped with a number of key changes implemented to assist with achieving successful outcomes for each site, as well as providing greater support for those involved.

The revamped program was launched in May across all Eldercare sites. Staff were encouraged to ‘have a voice’ by completing a survey, giving them an opportunity to review and improve a system or process which impacts on their work satisfaction or the quality of life of residents.

Employees could also indicate their interest in joining an ALE (Action, Learning, Experience) team working on a particular problem or improvement. These team members (6-8 per site) will also attend three all-day workshops, as well as the Eldercare Showcase Conference in 2014.