It's a positive way to feel part of the caring Eldercare community. Jill, daughter

Family Partnerships

Our Family Partnership initiative aims to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible by offering you the opportunity to play an active ‘hands on’ role in their care.

By combining your knowledge and our care expertise, we can work together to maximise your family member’s health and wellbeing. Your involvement will not replace the quality care and support they receive from Eldercare staff.

You decide which activities you would feel most comfortable helping your family member with. The choice is yours.

We look forward to partnering with you in care so your family member receives the tailored support they deserve.

How you can help

There are many ways you can assist with your family member’s care including:

  • personal grooming and hygiene
  • massage therapy
  • meal and mobility assistance
  • leisure activities

The benefits

By participating in a Family Partnership with Eldercare you can:

  • develop a deeper relationship with your family member
  • better communicate with staff about your loved one’s care needs
  • share knowledge and expertise with staff as they ‘get to know’ your family member
  • support family and friends who do not understand the changes that are occurring with your loved one and help educate them on communication strategies to use when visiting

Your involvement is key

You will be helping your family member significantly by playing an active role in their care.

They will be more comfortable and less stressed; especially if they are transitioning from home to an Eldercare residential facility.

What to expect

Eldercare is committed to making this a positive experience for you and your family member.

You will be supported the entire time. We will offer you:

  • ongoing training and education led by qualified Eldercare staff
  • helpful tips and suggestions as you care for your loved one
  • a flexible partnership where you can work with Eldercare’s site-based Clinical Leaders to decide which care tasks you would like to perform

Like to know more about our Family Partnerships?

Speak with your Site Operations Manager, Clinical Leader or Wellbeing Consultant and discover the benefits of partnering in your loved one’s care.

You can arrange an appointment with Eldercare’s on-site Administration team.