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Personalised Care Coordination

Personalised Care Coordination involves a Clinical Leader, who is a senior Registered Nurse, being specifically assigned to coordinate and supervise your ongoing care needs as part of our innovative Case Management Model.

Your Clinical Leader will observe the outcomes of your care and direct changes in consultation with you, or your family representative, if needed.

You can approach your Clinical Leader at any time with questions about your health and wellbeing.

Enjoy the sense of security that comes from having a qualified health professional specifically assigned to coordinate your ongoing care needs.

Person-centred care philosophy

Eldercare’s Personalised Care Coordination is based on an organisational philosophy of person-centred care; a concept reflected in Eldercare's Purpose and Values.

Person-centred care involves ‘treating each person as an individual; protecting a person's dignity; respecting a person's rights and preferences; and developing a therapeutic relationship between the care provider and the care recipient which is built on mutual trust and understanding’. Reference: Australian College of Nursing.

Like to know more?

Please contact your Clinical Leader or Site Operations Manager for more information.

Personalised Care Coordination is provided as a part of our high-quality service at The Lodge in Wayville and is included as an Additional Service package feature at all other residential care facilities.