How To Apply For Residential Care

Eldercare's 10 steps to moving into residential aged care

Eldercare has identified 10 steps to facilitate a smooth transition into residential care.

Read our summary flowchart of Eldercare's 10 steps to moving into residential care.

These steps include, and expand upon, the steps identified in My Aged Care’s Steps to entry into an aged care home publication which can be downloaded from the Department of Health website.

The Eldercare Resident Information Booklet provides detailed information on the services we provide. This booklet is provided to all new residents upon admission.

Are you ready to apply for residential care, but want some guidance while completing your application? Call our Residential Admissions team on 1300 045 664 or download our fact sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q What will I need to organise before applying for residential care? View answer

    You will need an Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) before applying for residential care. This involves a nurse, social worker or other health professional coming to your home and talking to you about how well you're managing in your day to day life. From this, the representative will assess whether you are eligible to receive care and which services you will need.

    Please visit My Aged Care or call 1800 200 422 for further information.

  • Q How do I apply for accommodation at an Eldercare facility? View answer

    Once you have received your ACCR (refer to previous FAQ), you can apply for residential care at Eldercare by completing an application online. Alternatively, if you would like some guidance relating to your application, please contact Eldercare's Residential Admissions team at 1300 925 414.

    We also recommend that you submit your Combined Assets and Income Assessment letter (refer to next FAQ) to the Residential Admissions team soon after submitting your Eldercare application.

  • Q Are there waiting lists for Eldercare facilities? View answer

    Some of our facilities may have a waiting list as it can take some time for a residential care place to become available. When a vacancy arises, Eldercare staff will consider the applications already received and seek an applicant who meets the criteria for the accommodation being offered.

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