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Day Therapy Centre raising Parkinson's awareness

Representatives from Eldercare's Day Therapy Centre and Parkinson's SA will host a community event next month focusing on understanding the condition.

Attendees will hear from a range of guest speakers at the afternoon tea fundraiser with all proceeds to be donated to Parkinson’s SA.

Day Therapy Centre Coordinator Jenny Taylor said the aim of the event is to help people ‘develop a deeper understanding’ of Parkinson’s and how it affects those living with the condition as well as their loved ones.

“I’m looking forward to meeting with members of the community and discussing how to engage positively with people living with Parkinson’s,” said Jenny.

“It has been found that the slowness of reaction and movement, often experienced by people living with Parkinson’s, can be mistaken for being ‘less than intelligent’ and possibly suffering from Alzheimer’s – which is not the case.

“A Day Therapy Centre client will speak at the event to share his first hand experiences – and his wife will also give a short talk to express the impact it has had on her.”

Jenny said many day therapy clients living with Parkinson’s benefitted from the physiotherapy and occupational therapy services offered at Acacia Court to help work on everyday function – for example, formulating strategies to improve their walking and mobility.

They can also participate in exercise classes to maintain fitness and strength and to reduce their risk of falls.

It is estimated that 110-thousand people are living with Parkinson’s in Australia.

“Parkinson’s is incurable but it is treatable,” said Jenny.

“One of the key messages I hope people take away from this event is not to judge people living with Parkinson’s by their appearance and behaviour but to see the individual within.”

The event will be held at Eldercare Acacia Court at 81 Tapleys Hill Road in Hendon on Friday 20 April at 2:00pm.

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Please call 8243 1844 during business hours for further details.

For more information about Parkinson’s visit the Parkinson's SA website.9

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