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Eldercare Chief Executive joins Chiefs for Gender Equity

Chief Executive Jane Pickering has been appointed to a new business leadership group that aims to improve gender equity in South Australia's workforce.

Ms. Pickering was selected to join the Chiefs for Gender Equity group and said she was ‘grateful to be recognised as someone who could make a difference on issues relating to gender equity’.

“I am looking forward to working with a group of leaders from a variety of sectors who are committed to drive and initiate change within the organisations they lead to increase the participation of women at the highest levels within workplaces,” said Jane.

Other female business leaders selected for the group include Microsoft SA Director Eva Balan-Vnuk, BHP Australian Olympic Dam President Jacqui McGill, Surf Life Saving SA Chief Executive Clare Harris and Vinehealth Australia’s Inca Pearce.

The Chiefs for Gender Equity group is an Equal Opportunity (EO) Commission of South Australia initiative and includes both male and female business leaders.

The group will meet regularly and develop an action plan for the coming financial year that aims to achieve a sustained, measurable increase towards gender equity.

Ms Pickering said action plan goals included equal access to flexible working arrangements for both men and women that do not negatively impact career progression, recognition and reduction of biases and, ultimately, the increased promotion of women to leadership roles in South Australia.

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