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Eldercare working towards White Ribbon Accreditation

Eldercare is in the final stages of preparing its application to become a White Ribbon Australia accredited workplace.

Chief Executive Jane Pickering said that accreditation was an important step in helping ‘promote respectful relationships, gender equity and the prevention of violence against women’ across Eldercare.

“The Eldercare values of respect, accountability and connection align well with the White Ribbon philosophy which hinges on women being respected and working in environments that are free from violence,” said Jane.

“As a member of South Australia’s Chiefs for Gender Equity Group, I am passionate about encouraging workplace cultures which actively promote equality and obtaining White Ribbon accreditation seemed like a logical, and necessary, step.”

Eldercare White Ribbon Project Team Leader, and Acacia Court Site Operations Manager, Ryan Midgley said White Ribbon accreditation will drive a ‘strong organisational culture of respect for women’ through providing practices, procedures and training to all employees.

“Violence against women is a significant social problem that is ultimately preventable through education, training and a zero-tolerance attitude,” said Mr Midgley.

“During the White Ribbon Accreditation process, and beyond, we are also looking to extend the promotion of safe workplaces and respectful relationships to Eldercare contractors, residents, clients, families and the wider community.”

Eldercare’s medication supplier Chemist King has also shown its support for White Ribbon.

Chemist King has aided the organisation’s accreditation efforts and Chemist King staff volunteered to take part in a video which will be used to educate Eldercare employees about domestic violence and the support services available.

Chemist King Senior Partner Michael Auciello said the organisation chose to support this initiative to ‘create and increase awareness in an attempt to minimise the occurrence of violence’ in the community.

“More than 90% of our workforce, across all our stores, are women and we believe the issue of family violence needs more recognition and awareness,” said Mr Auciello.

“White Ribbon is a great cause to support and we value Eldercare’s commitment to helping end violence against women.”

Staff and residents across Eldercare participated in White Ribbon Night events last week and the organisation expects to receive White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation in February 2018.

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