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Handcrafted birdhouses donated to Fauna Rescue

Residents at Eldercare Seaford recently donated 10 handcrafted birdhouses to Fauna Rescue to provide shelter for birds affected by bushfires.

With large sections of the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island wiped out by recent bushfires, native animals and birds are struggling to find shelter during extreme weather.

Fauna Rescue volunteer Jean Smith said that the donated birdhouses will be placed in fire-affected areas where surviving birds have been seen.

“We are waiting to hear where the survivors are – and when we do, these birdhouses are going to be very much appreciated by us and by the birds that use them,” said Jean.

Eldercare Seaford resident Neil Ensor, who presented the donation to Fauna Rescue last week, shared his admiration for the volunteer organisation and the work they do helping native animals across the state.

“When it was suggested that we donate the birdhouses I thought ‘why not give them to rescued birds to help save them?’” said Neil.

Neil, an enthusiastic woodworker for most of his life, said the workshops allowed him to remember his passion for ‘putting things together’.

The birdhouses were built as a part of the residential care facility’s monthly woodworking and craft workshop which is supported by Bunnings Seaford.

Jean and fellow Fauna Rescue volunteer Sue delighted the crowd gathered at Eldercare Seaford by bringing along some new arrivals – a baby ringtail possum, brushtail possum and rainbow lorikeet.

View the gallery for some photos from the day:

Image: Eldercare Seaford resident Neil Ensor, Fauna Rescue volunteers Jean Smith and Sue Rayner and Eldercare Seaford resident Connie Esplin.

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