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Inclusion policies launched for Harmony Week

Eldercare has marked Harmony Week 2019 with the launch of two new policies that reflect its commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive organisational culture.

Chief Executive Jane Pickering launched the Diversity and Inclusion Policy together with the LGBTI Inclusion Policy on Harmony Day and said the new policies would further embed a sense of fairness and inclusion.

“The theme of Harmony Week is ‘Everyone Belongs’ and these two new policies aim to demonstrate to every resident, employee and volunteer that they are respected, they are valued and they belong,” said Jane.

“There is value in all types of diversity including gender, cultural background, age and experience.

“These new policies say to all members of the Eldercare community that we respect diversity – and celebrate it.”

Consumer Engagement Coordinator Chris Morris said the new policies are designed to help residents live the lives they choose by acknowledging they bring different life experiences to Eldercare.

“Recognising other people’s diverse characteristics creates a richer Eldercare culture that benefits everyone,” said Chris.

“The LGBTI Inclusion Policy demonstrates that Eldercare is committed to changing stereotypical attitudes and ending discrimination so that LGBTI residents, family members, staff and volunteers feel welcome.

“As part of our efforts to seek Rainbow Tick accreditation, we are sending a clear message to the members of South Australia’s LGBTI community that they will be safe and they will be treated for who they are at Eldercare.”

Harmony Week also provided an opportunity for residents, staff and volunteers from across the organisation to acknowledge and celebrate the organisation’s rich cultural fabric.

Eldercare’s Wayville residential care facility The Lodge focused on the beauty of Chinese culture with a dance performance by The Chinese Dance Academy.

Residents, staff and volunteers across other Eldercare facilities celebrated with a variety of activities including an opera performance featuring songs from around the world sung in different languages and a Brazilian Zumba session.

Residents also took part in cultural quizzes, shared stories about their countries of origin and worked with children from local child care centres to create large banners featuring rainbow handprints.

Harmony Day is held on 21 March each year as part of Harmony Week.

View the gallery for more photos from the day:

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