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Marj Buttery: Mum knows best on the secret to living a long life

Eldercare Seaford resident Marj Buttery says she made it to her 100th birthday by adopting her late mother's philosophy to life.

“Mum used to say hard work never killed anybody and I believe she was right,” said Mrs Buttery.

Longevity runs in the family.

Mrs Buttery’s mother Flo Fuss lived until she was 110 - and three months.

“I always tell people that’s another quarter of a year.”

Mrs Buttery recently marked her 100th birthday with a special morning tea at Eldercare Seaford attended by residents, family members, Legacy and the local Mayor.

Marj was also guest of honour at a private party where nearly 100 relatives and friends from Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia reunited to celebrate her milestone.

Born at her grandparent’s farm on the Yorke Peninsula in 1915, Marj’s family moved to Norwood where she met her future husband Ron ‘on a hotel corner’ along The Parade.

“My girlfriend and I used to go to Kent Town Methodist Church on Sunday evenings in the summertime and sometimes we’d go for a walk after church,” said Marj.

“We walked as far as we wanted to go and we got down to this corner and there were two boys standing over on the hotel corner talking.

“Anyway, we must have been attracted to them and they came over.”

Marj and Ron dated for seven years and were married before he went away to serve in World War Two.

When the war ended, the couple ran several small businesses throughout Adelaide and Mount Gambier and were together for 68 years before Ron passed away seven years ago at the age of 90.

With two children, six grandchildren, a dozen great grandchildren and four great, great grandchildren, daughter Sharon says Marj holds a very special place in the family.

“Mum has got so much to offer my children and grandchildren,” said Sharon.

“When we had her 99th last year, the little great grandchildren were asked what they liked about Nanna and it was the kindness and love that she showed them.

“She teaches all of us - she is such a wise lady and an inspiration to us all.”

Image: (L - R) Sharon Cock with her mother Marj Buttery at her 100th birthday celebratory morning tea at Eldercare Seaford.

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