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White Ribbon

Eldercare is proud to be part of the White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation Program to support staff experiencing violence inside or outside the workplace, promote respectful relationships, gender equality and demonstrate a zero tolerance to violence against women.

About White Ribbon

White Ribbon is an international movement aimed at stopping violence against women.

More than 60 countries, including Australia, are helping drive this global social change.

White Ribbon Australia's vision is to ensure women:

  • are treated with respect
  • live in safety
  • are not subjected to abuse

Visit White Ribbon Australia to learn more.

"I have noticed that people are much more aware of the need to think before they speak inappropriately."
- Eldercare staff member
White Ribbon Survey, October 2017

Why Eldercare cares about preventing gender-based violence

Eldercare's organisational values align with the White Ribbon philosophy.

We encourage respectful relationships.

We also acknowledge we have a duty of care to provide our staff with a safe workplace that is free from violence.

"I have always had the view of treating women with respect and dignity, as does the workplace. I am now more aware of the signs of violence and feel more equipped to help victims."
- Eldercare staff member
White Ribbon Survey, October 2017

Eldercare's dedication to White Ribbon

We are committed to helping stop violence against women by:

  • creating new documentation which are used to support employees who experience domestic violence
  • updating related policies and procedures
  • distributing promotional materials, such as brochures and posters, to staff

         Eldercare White Ribbon brochure    Eldercare White Ribbon brochure

               Eldercare White Ribbon poster               Eldercare White Ribbon poster

  • providing training for Senior Managers to support them in helping domestic violence victims
  • hosting several events including White Ribbon Day, White Ribbon Night and RU OK? Day
"People are more aware of the need to listen to their co-workers' concerns and to watch for changes in their co-workers should there be a possibility that they are victims of domestic violence."
- Eldercare staff member
White Ribbon Survey, October 2017

*Note: Comments from White Ribbon Survey have been edited for length and/or clarity.

White Ribbon Workplace banner

In March 2018, Eldercare achieved White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation in recognition of its efforts to end violence against women.

Eldercare thanks Chemist King for supporting our participation in the White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation Program.

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