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ElderPRIDE is Eldercare’s commitment to supporting our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) residents, family members, staff and volunteers to ensure they feel welcomed and safe.

ElderPRIDE acknowledges that the LGBTI community is diverse, but people can encounter similar challenges, such as discrimination.

We also understand that attributes such as sexual orientation, sexual characteristics and gender identity are important, but these do not define people as individuals.

Eldercare is proud to be seeking Rainbow Tick accreditation to promote LGBTI inclusiveness.

Artwork: 'Equality' courtesy of Eldercare Clinical Care Manager and Aboriginal artist Linda Turner

Our ElderPRIDE objectives

We see ourselves as an ally of the LGBTI community; working together to change stereotypical attitudes and discriminatory or negative behaviours.

We believe we have a significant role to play in promoting a deeper understanding of the ways in which past and present experiences of discrimination can impact our LGBTI residents, family members, staff and volunteers.

ElderPRIDE has three key objectives:

  1. To treat individuals for who they are.
  2. To be inclusive, regardless of whether a person discloses their sexuality or gender identity.
  3. To provide integrated residential care and retirement living services that encompass individualised wellbeing approaches that support the mind, body and spirit.

Eldercare inclusiveness in action

Inclusiveness aligns with Eldercare’s organisational values of respect, accountability and connection.

We welcome and respect the diversity that our residents, family members, staff and volunteers bring to Eldercare.

We model and expect respectful behaviour from everyone who lives, visits or works at Eldercare.

We do not accept any form of behaviour that vilifies or discriminates against someone else based on their gender, sexuality, age, race or ethnicity.

We promote inclusiveness by:

  • promoting respectful and welcoming environments through our service delivery
  • conducting LGBTI awareness staff training
  • consulting members of the LGBTI community
  • modifying current services and creating new ones for the LGBTI community
  • creating new and updating existing policies and procedures relating to LGBTI issues
  • reflecting our commitment to raising LGBTI awareness in our marketing materials
  • participating in LGBTI events across Eldercare and in the wider community

If you have any questions about the ElderPRIDE Project, please call Chris Morris on (08) 8291 1000.

Residents of Eldercare Evanston Park, together with family members, volunteers and staff members, created ‘The Diversity Tree’ (shown above) which was made from resident thumb prints to celebrate diversity and inclusion. The artwork was awarded first prize for ‘Any Group Article’ at the 2018 Gawler Show.