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There’s a role for everyone in aged care

When most people think of jobs in aged care, they picture carers helping older people with their daily living like eating, showering and getting dressed, but there are many other roles that help aged care residents live their best life.

Chefs, cleaners and hospitality assistants

Food plays a key role in maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing, so aged care homes require a team of people to help prepare and serve tasty, nutritious and fresh meals each day.

Eldercare has well equipped on-site kitchens at each of its 11 aged care homes. We recruit chefs and catering staff to work together to contribute to the quality of life for our residents through the power of food.

Cleaning and laundry staff are also crucial to our residents’ wellbeing as they make sure towels, linen and clothing are kept fresh and clean whenever they are needed.

For all hospitality roles, morning, afternoon and weekend shifts are available on a part-time or casual basis, giving you the flexibility to manage your personal commitments around work.

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists

Eldercare recruits in-house physiotherapists and occupational therapists to work together with nursing and lifestyle staff and other allied health professionals to help our residents improve or maintain their health and mobility and support their overall wellbeing.

Our physios and OTs conduct mobility assessments with each of our residents, develop creative treatment plans, offer one-on-one and group support in our site-based gyms, and work with our residents achieve their wellness goals.

Maintenance staff

Aged care homes require continuous maintenance to make sure the buildings and grounds are kept safe, attractive and running well 24/7. Our handy property services officers spend their time fixing faults, making repairs to equipment, assisting contractors and maintenance personnel working on site and helping to move residents into their new home.


Administration staff are the heart of our aged care homes with their key focus being to provide excellent customer service to our residents and their families, as well as to staff, volunteers and visitors. Their roles are varied, and no two days are the same!

Our customer service assistants spend their time answering enquiries by phone, email or in person, assisting residents with administration tasks, welcoming new residents and helping them settle into their new environment. Customer service assistants carry out finance duties, receive feedback about our services, as well as supporting other teams to recruit and onboard new staff to ensure employees receive the relevant training.

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