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Working with a White Ribbon accredited workplace

Domestic and family violence can impact organisational culture and employees’ sense of wellbeing and 94% of employees agree employers should take a leadership role in educating their workforce about respectful relationships between men and women.

The effects of domestic and family violence do not disappear when employees enter their workplace – which is why it is important for employers to take a stand and support staff wellbeing and safety both during and outside of work.

Some organisations have demonstrated their commitment to supporting their employees by receiving White Ribbon workplace accreditation.

Working for a White Ribbon Workplace means that employees are part of a culture where respectful relationships are expected and valued and staff are regularly educated on understanding gender equity, how to avoid treating others disrespectfully and how to recognise signs of domestic or family violence in their colleagues. Employees can also receive support from their managers if they find themselves in a domestic or family violence situation.

Over 30 South Australian organisations have received White Ribbon workplace accreditation, including local aged care provider Eldercare.

Eldercare has been a White Ribbon Workplace since early 2018 with the organisation creating a strong culture of respect for women by providing education and training to all employees, promoting respectful relationships and encouraging others to call out inappropriate behaviour.

Managers have been provided additional training to support their staff who are experiencing domestic or family violence, regardless of whether it occurs inside or outside of the workplace.

Women make up 82% of the organisation’s workforce so it is ‘vital’ that Eldercare takes a strong position to try and ensure gender equity is understood among all employees and demonstrated at all times.

Our commitment to White Ribbon builds on Eldercare’s existing gender equality and diversity initiatives which provide the tools to encourage a culture of respect across the organisation.

Eldercare has also established a staff emergency relief fund to provide short term assistance to employees facing temporary financial hardship due to situations beyond their control, like experiencing domestic or family violence.

We have been working hard to be an organisation that can respond to, and prevent, domestic and family violence by supporting staff experiencing violence, holding perpetrators to account, supporting all employees to challenge inappropriate behaviour and strengthening gender equality within the broader community.

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