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Aged Care Accreditation and Standards

Eldercare’s 11 residential care facilities and day therapy services are accredited by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) who conduct regular unannounced assessments.

The Commission will assess and monitor all aged care providers, including Eldercare, against eight Aged Care Quality Standards (effective 1 July 2019) to ensure all users of residential care, home care and day therapy services receive high quality care.

Australian Government Aged Care Quality Standards wheel

The standards focus on outcomes for consumers and reflect the level of care and services consumers can expect from Eldercare.

Each standard is expressed in three ways:

  • a statement that expresses the outcome for consumers
  • a statement that sets out the expectation for Eldercare
  • the requirements that demonstrate Eldercare has met the standard

The Commission's Aged Care Quality Standards factsheet outlines these statements and requirements in more detail.

Eldercare is committed to providing services that meet the standards and will provide an environment where consumers are supported to plan their care and services, with our staff, to meet their spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs.


Source: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website
Disclaimer: The use of images and videos contained herein does not constitute an endorsement by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission of Eldercare’s activities.