Eldercare is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our residents and staff.

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Purpose, values and strategic directions

Eldercare is a values-driven organisation with a clear purpose and well defined strategic directions.


Delivering peace of mind with our care.



We protect the dignity, rights and values of individuals.

All people are important to Eldercare and everyone deserves to be respected in accordance with our founding Christian principles.

Diversity of experience, culture, gender identity and opinion is valued and encouraged.

How we go about things is just as important as what we actually do.

Our services encompass mind, body and spirit and aim to build well-being and resilience.


We are all responsible for working safely and with integrity.

Eldercare is known as a safe and reliable organisation. Residents, clients, their families and friends rely on Eldercare to care for the people that they love with respect and dignity. We have a role to play in providing residents and their families with peace of mind.

Eldercare is committed to serving the community for the long term so our decisions are made with this in mind.

We display collaborative leadership throughout our organisation and we learn from our mistakes.

We continually strive to improve and respectfully challenge the status quo with improvement in mind.

All of our actions are focused on maintaining the integrity of our commitments. Each of us at Eldercare is responsible for our own behaviours for ensuring the best quality care is provided and for the success of the organisation.


We develop vibrant and supportive relationships based on warmth and generosity.

We create environments where warmth and generosity are present. We reconnect residents with their own purpose and meaning and do everything we can to help them live a fulfilling life.

We are committed to building vibrant, supportive and connected retirement living and residential care communities where resident choice is paramount and the uniqueness of each resident is discovered.

Strategic directions

Our purpose and values are the foundation for our strategic directions. These four directions drive Eldercare’s strategic plan:

Direction 1 – Robust business

  • Achieve a consistent net operating surplus
  • Create integrated organisational frameworks
  • Design a board performance and engagement strategy

Direction 2 – High-performance culture

  • Activate high performing teams
  • Embed innovation and excellence
  • Develop a highly engaged workforce

Direction 3 – Provider of choice

  • Offer a unique service model that optimises health, wellbeing and quality of life through an integrated mind, body, spirit approach
  • Continue smart technology integration and build quality facilities
  • Develop a consumer engagement strategy

Direction 4 – Business growth

  • Grow and unlock potential in residential aged care
  • Create a retirement living program focusing on ageing in place
  • Advance and diversify the business
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