Eldercare is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our residents and staff.

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Purpose, values and strategic directions

Eldercare is a values-driven organisation with a clear purpose and well defined strategic directions.


Delivering peace of mind with our care.



We protect the dignity, rights and values of individuals.

All people are important to Eldercare and deserve respect.

How we do things is just as important as what we do.

Diversity is valued and encouraged, regardless of culture, spirituality, age, gender or ability.

We welcome and support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse and intersex (LGBTIQ) people.

Informed choices and consent are paramount for sound decision-making about care and wellbeing.


We are all responsible for working safely and with integrity.

Everyone at Eldercare is responsible for ensuring the best quality care is provided, and for the success of the organisation.

All of our actions are focussed on maintaining the integrity of our commitments.

We are all responsible for what we say and what we do.

Eldercare will serve our community for the long term, so our decisions are made with this in mind.


We develop vibrant and supportive relationships based on warmth and generosity.

We create environments where warmth and generosity are present.

We connect residents with their own purpose and meaning and do everything we can to help them live a fulfilling life.

We are committed to building environments where the uniqueness of each individual is celebrated.

Strategic directions

Our purpose and values are the foundation for our strategic directions.

Direction 1: Robust business

Eldercare will achieve:

  • Financial sustainability
  • Best practice clinical governance
  • Best practice corporate governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Workforce for the future

Direction 2: High performance

Eldercare will achieve high performance:

  • Consumer engagement and wellbeing
  • Leadership and accountability
  • Employee engagement and capability
  • Safety and quality of care
  • Business sustainability
  • Business excellence

Direction 3: Provider of choice

People will choose Eldercare for:

  • Our unique model of care that optimises quality of care and quality of life
  • Employees who live our values, welcome diversity and create an inclusive and supportive environment and culture
  • Safe, high-quality environments for care and work
  • Technology that enhances our model of care and resident experience
  • Our strong reputation

Direction 4: Business growth

Eldercare will achieve growth through:

  • Increased scale and innovation
  • Unlocking development potential in our existing assets
  • Active pursuit of growth opportunities
  • Business diversity

We welcome your feedback

Every comment, compliment, suggestion and complaint we receive presents an opportunity for us to review the service we offer.

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