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Pastoral care

Eldercare’s chaplains are on hand to offer support to you, your family, and your friends in times of change and uncertainty.

Pastoral care

Each Eldercare site has a chaplain who is available to support you in practical, safe and caring ways that uphold your values, identity and beliefs – whether you are religious or not. Their focus is to assist you to live meaningfully and purposefully and help you to maintain strong connections with your friends and family.

Moving into residential care is a time of significant change. Eldercare’s chaplains are trained and experienced in helping you with the challenges that often arise. Working as part of your care team, your chaplain is available to:

  • be a supportive and positive presence in your life
  • talk through issues you might be facing
  • assist with problem solving
  • support your cultural, social, gender or spiritual identity
  • journey with you through the emotional issues of ageing
  • support you with ethical, moral and other ultimate concerns
  • offer strategies that address feelings of loneliness, grief, anxiety and despair
  • offer ideas that help with living a meaningful and authentic life

Eldercare’s chaplains hold post-graduate qualifications and training in pastoral and spiritual care. They are required to undertake continuing study and training in the domain of spiritual care in aged care with Meaningful Ageing Australia (the peak body for spirituality in aged care) and Spiritual Care Australia, an organisation dedicated to developing best practice spiritual and pastoral care. Our chaplains are:

  • impartial and discreet
  • safe listeners to deep concerns
  • inclusive and sensitive
  • resourceful and friendly
  • skilled mediators

Eldercare’s chaplains also facilitate regular worship services and support groups and can arrange visits from representatives of your preferred faith or cultural community if you desire.

For more information regarding chaplaincy at Eldercare and enquiries about chaplaincy careers, please contact us at

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