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Spiritual care

Eldercare’s spiritual care practitioners have the time to genuinely listen and support residents and families with compassion, non-judgement, and kindness.

Our spiritual care team offers a respectful and professional spiritual care service that honours the dignity, diversity, and value of each person.

Eldercare recognises that spiritual care is a human right, and all residents should have access to meaningful and inclusive spiritual and emotional care (Meaningful Ageing Australia, National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care, 2016).

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is about meaning, hope, purpose, and the important connections in each of our lives.

This might encompass religious faith or cultural expressions for some, while for others, it could be the peace and emotional solace found through nature, creativity, significant relationships, or engaging in acts of service (Rachael Wass, CEO of Meaningful Ageing Australia, 2023).

Who is spiritual care for?

Eldercare’s spiritual care team support residents and families from all faith traditions, as well as those who have no faith connections. We are here to listen to what you want to talk about. We are comfortable with discussing your concerns and fears as well as sharing in moments of hope and joy.

Eldercare uses Meaningful Ageing Australia’s ‘ConnecTo’ model to guide discussions that help us understand the connections most important to residents.

Our spiritual care practitioners:

  • Listen to you with respect, empathy and non-judgement
  • Journey with you and your loved ones during times of transition or challenge; grief, loss or loneliness; and also in times of joy and celebration
  • Explore your important life connections, your values and what gives you meaning and purpose through our Connect-Explore assessment
  • Provide meaningful rituals, ceremonies, and reflection services - including prayer and meditation
  • Assist you to coordinate visits from your religious/spiritual/cultural representatives
  • Support your spiritual practices, creative expression and/or life reflection
  • Accompany you, by providing emotional and spiritual support, during palliative care and end of life
  • Make a referral to other members of our care team, or another service, where appropriate

Eldercare is committed to a whole of organisation focus on spiritual care, as an integral part of our Wellbeing Approach and underpinned by our holistic Model of Care.

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