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CE Jane Pickering thanks all Eldercare staff on Aged Care Employee Day

Aged Care Employee Day is commemorated each year on 8 August with its purpose being to celebrate Australia’s aged care workforce which is made up of over 360,000 individuals who contribute to caring for older people.

This includes the nurses and care workers to the allied health teams, to the chefs and hospitality teams, to the cleaners and laundry employees, to the volunteers, to the wellness and lifestyle teams, property services and administration teams.

Eldercare Chief Executive Jane Pickering said that Aged Care Employee Day puts our staff, ‘our everyday heroes’, in the spotlight and highlights the many different roles of those involved in the aged care journey.

“This day is for you, to celebrate the incredible work you do, and to show you just how much you make a difference to the lives of older people,” said Jane.

“The Eldercare Executive and Senior Leadership team wish all staff a lovely day on Saturday.”

Some words of appreciation for our staff from residents and their families:

  • "I want them all to know how much we appreciate what they do for us." Pat, resident
  • "Staff look after me very well, no complaints at all. They are very hard working, dedicated and caring." Aileen, resident
  • "The staff are very helpful and caring as they know I have a shoulder pain. I am happy when they come in and talk to me often. I appreciate the care, help, and support they have given me especially when I was in isolation for two weeks." Audrey, resident
  • "Staff are lovely - it's like we hand over the care from one family to another." Noel, relative
  • "I appreciate what all staff do for me and I can't do without you." Nan, resident

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