Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

Each Eldercare site has a Chaplain who provides a pastoral care service for residents, their families and friends.

Eldercare Chaplains complement clinical care with direct personal attention to residents, in order to understand what it is like to experience residential care, and therefore provide emotional and spiritual support tailored to the individual.

Chaplains engage with residents and their families and friends in active pastoral care which is person-centred, inclusive and clearly recognises the impact that the transition to care has on valued relationships. Pastoral care is extended to everyone as the resident’s care needs change and relationships are adapting to meet the living realities of a family member in care.

Family and friends matter

It is common for family members to experience a variety of conflicting emotions when someone close to them enters residential care. Pastoral care can help plan for how to best continue in the new mode of caring for and loving their friend or family member.

Families are not perfect. Some people live with painful histories and present difficulties. We all need to come together to provide the best care for our aged relative. Pastoral care can help in these matters – or may at least assist to ensure that sensitive issues and relationships are recognised.

How the Chaplain can help

Eldercare’s Chaplaincy team is on hand to offer support to residents and their families and friends in times of need – irrespective of spiritual beliefs.

Your on-site Chaplain can help with:

  • supporting families to come together at this time of significant change
  • supporting staff working with families on a day-to-day basis
  • grief, worry and loss
  • ethical issues
  • problem solving ideas
  • loneliness
  • faith and belief issues
  • thinking about life meaning and values
  • bereavement care
  • looking after yourself and others
  • referral to other services (e.g. counselling)

Respecting the individual

The Eldercare practice of pastoral care is based on a trusted tradition of personal respect.

Chaplains are selected and trained to be:

  • impartial and confidential
  • ‘safe’ listeners to deep concerns
  • inclusive and sensitive
  • resourceful and friendly
  • skilled mediators

All Eldercare Chaplains are required to be members of Spiritual Care Australia, an organisation dedicated to developing best practice spiritual and pastoral care.

Faith-based services

Eldercare’s pastoral care expertise supports individual exploration of beliefs. The Chaplain can help arrange visits from people of your preferred faith community, and there are also worship services available at all sites.

For more information regarding chaplaincy at Eldercare and enquiries about chaplaincy careers, please contact us at

Pastoral Care is provided as a part of our high-quality service at The Lodge in Wayville and is included as an Additional Service package feature at all other residential care facilities.